Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my little piece of the Internet, stay awhile! My name is Brooke. I am originally from Detroit, Michigan but consider Atlanta, Georgia home. I was 8 years old when my parents came to their senses and decided to trade the frigid north for the Dirty South, and we’ve never looked back. Since then, I have gladly embraced southern culture by spending time in Atlanta, going to college in Oxford, Mississippi (Go Rebs!) and now living in Nashville, Tennessee.

Photography, writing, and beauty are a few of my biggest passions. I love trying new products and can blissfully waste away hours watching makeup reviews and photography tutorials on YouTube. I have kept these passions tucked away and continually told myself I would get back to them.. which brings me here. To blog or not to blog? A question I asked myself for quite some time. I finally threw caution to the wind and started brooke-bailey.com as a beauty & lifestyle blog. I know what you may be thinking:


Sadly no, sweetie pies. I am no connoisseur of cosmetics, nor do I claim to be. It is my hope that this blog can be a place where I am able to share my passions, thoughts, and some adventures with you. When I am not blogging, you can find me snapping photos, spending time with friends and family, cycling, or burning a hole in my pocket at Sephora.

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