Bar Cart Styling

Give cocktail hour at home more glam with a common white girl home decor staple: The Bar Cart. I love to make fun cocktails with friends even if the only special occasion that we’re celebrating is making it through another workweek. I’ve been wanting a bar cart for months so it was at the top of my list when shopping for my new home in Nashville. It is a great way add a glam feel to boring wall or corner and inspire you to brush up on your bartending skills. I know this does not fall within the lines of health/beauty, but I’ve received so many compliments on the bar cart in our new kitchen! A lot of friends have been asking me where I got some of the items on my cart so I thought I’d share.



CART Target | BOWL (similar) Anthropologie| SIGNS Etsy or Etsy | TOWEL (not online) Home Goods| WINE RACK Target |COCKTAIL GLASSES (similar) At Home | CANDLE Homesick


First things first, you need a cart. I spent weeks searching through Home Goods, Pinterest, and so many home decor websites. It is hard to find a sturdy cart that won’t break the bank. A few days before I moved, my mom and I stumbled across this cart on sale at Target. Since then, I’ve also spotted a few cute ones at the home decor store, At Home, for those of you that are looking.

The best way to personalize your bar cart is to have it tell a story about you. I did not go out looking for pieces specifically for my cart. The items came together as I was shopping for the move and looking around my home. I received this adorable gold framed sign as a Christmas present. It describes me way too accurately, apparently.  A few months after receiving this sign, I was given the senior superlative of Most Likely to Buy Wine Over Necessities At The Grocery. Oops.

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 11.16.06 PM

My family loves pineapples so the first thing I bought was a pack of napkins with gold pineapples on them and a pineapple tray. The yellow bowl is from Anthropologie that I used to store bracelets in on my desk in college. I found an old Nashville Milk Company bottle at a local thrift store (check out Cool Stuff Weird Things if you are ever in Nashville). The Homesick candle was a gift from my college roommate’s sweet parents as a graduation gift to remind us of Oxford. Tequila was the first liquor added because we needed a break while moving in. My mom bought me a clock for the cart so that we can always count down the minute until 5 o’clock! Throw in a shaker, your favorite flowers, and a few bottles of wine and you are good to go. Below are a few of my favorite bar carts I’ve seen lately to use for inspiration.

TOP: left Luella and June right, BOTTOM: left Haute Off The Rack right Mimosa and Monroe


I hope that this weekend you can make some fun, new cocktails and enjoy them with friends, Cheers!

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 4.20.56 PM


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