Red Hot Summer



Hello friends & happy Sunday! Last week I saw Dave Matthews perform for my 5th time and it was by far the best. My parents bought themselves seat tickets and decided to give my brother and I two lawn tickets each as a little fun graduation present. I brought my best friend, Devyn. She and I have made quite a habit of seeing Dave Matthews together as this was our fourth time seeing him together. One time we actually even met Dave in Piedmont Park the day after the concert, so it was only fair that I brought her.

For Wednesday’s concert I decided to go with fun, summer-y red. I bought this one shoulder eyelet top on sale earlier this week. It runs a little larger so try a size down if you’re ordering it online. This top is simple and easy for summer and the ruffles really add to the fiery vibe (insert salsa dancer emoji here). I paired the top with some simple white jeans and tied the look together with some cute tassel earrings.


Tassel earrings have quickly become my obsession which is saying a lot since I NEVER wear dangly earrings. However, this trend is just too fun to ignore. Here is my mother’s beautiful collection of tassel earrings. Her jewelry is always #goals. Maybe now that I have a few weeks to myself, before my move to Nashville, I can get some much needed shopping done and add to my own tassel earring collection. What do y’all think of this trend?

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 4.20.56 PM.png





2 thoughts on “Red Hot Summer”

    1. Banana Republic! Unfortunately, it was a while ago and I couldn’t find them online. Sorry! Thanks for checking out the blog!


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